The official BitTorrent 4.0 was out.

I have used 3.4 in my xbox linux before HD error and I dont think there're may CUI bt user. All guys i know use BitSpirit or some other fancy GUI client.

If you do want GUI, check "azureus": it has everything you need and you can not beat the price: its free with source.

Someone also suggest "ABC": and "BitTornado":

The actual link is to the download is "here":

The changelog:

# 2005-03-07: 4.0.0 is now available.
Changes since the last stable release:

# All new queue-based user interface # Many options are now modifiable from the interface, including upload rate # Lots of other interface improvements # Extra stats are visible, for those who like it # Remembers what it was doing across restarts # New .torrent maker "btmaketorrentgui" replaces "btcompletedir" # Better performance, as always # License has changed to the BitTorrent Open Source License # Torrent fields are correctly created and interpreted as utf8 # Too many little things to list

A few technical notes, for those interested:

# Single port: launchmany can seed and client can download many files from a single port and thread # Interface now uses GTK instead of wxWidgets # BitTorrent packets are marked as bulk data to make traffic shaping easier